Workshop Descriptions

Leadership Bootcamp

Training to Win


Boot Camp Day 1: Monday, August 21, 2017

The Leadership Challenge: Identify, Plan and Implement
Panelists:  Bill Valdez, President, Senior Executives Association
In today's evolving workforce there are numerous challenges facing leaders. Successful leaders readily identify these challenges and work towards creating game changing results. Our panel of experts will discuss the top three challenges every leader must face. Join us as we explore how to identify the ways these challenges show up in your work place culture and learn how to design and communicate a strategy for success.

Boot Camp Day 2: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Plenary Session
Exercise 1 - Building Your Team: One Mission
Presenter: Chris Fussell, former Navy Seal
Book: One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams
Do you find yourself asking "How can I transform my own organization into a team of teams? Is that kind of dramatic change even possible, outside of the urgency of a combat zone? If so, what are the practical steps to get there?"

One Mission answers those questions and many more. Drawing on his and consulting work with the McChrystal Group, Fussell shows how civilian organizations have transformed their way of doing business - becoming flatter, quicker, and much more collaborative across departments and divisions. Along with sharing his own experiences from the battlefield, he explores examples from industry titans like Intuit and Under Armour, which have adopted a similar model in order to unite everyone around single compelling mission. The result is a “shared consciousness” that drives consistently better results with less friction and inter-group rivalry.

Exercise 2 - Field Training: In the Footsteps of Leaders
Instructor: Gettysburg Foundation, Interactive Battlefield Training
In The Footsteps of Leaders Executive Program is specifically designed for executive to build and develop senior leadership skills and increase effectiveness by exploring the battle through the eyes of key Gettysburg commanders. The fast-paced, ever-evolving complexities and opportunities that executive teams face – the need to inspire, engage and execute best plans, and adeptly lead their organizations – are as applicable in the 21st century as they were in 1863 at Gettysburg in the heat of battle. While gaining a deeper understanding of the decisions made during the Battle of Gettysburg, program participants spend considerable time focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing their own organizations through a structured and comprehensive curriculum guide accompanied by intensive facilitation.

Boot Camp Day 3: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Exercise 1 - Fit to Lead: Mind, Body, Spirit

Instructor: Jack Bray, TrueNorth Wellness
We have an image of success that is sometimes addictive and unobtainable. We put our focus on achieving this image and in the process, begin to take on unhealthy habits. We need to be mindful of the choices that we make as a leader and ensure that we are taking care of ourselves. This workshop will touch on the social, occupational, intellectual, financial, environmental, spiritual, physical and mental facets of wellness so that you can be a better leader.

Exercise 2 - Navigating the Ropes: What Successful Leaders Need to Know
Instructor: Paul Meshanko, Legacy Business Cultures
Leading in times of uncertainty requires a flexible and agile leadership style. It also requires leaders to employ self-awareness tools and techniques for both themselves and their organization. Having a solid leadership development continuum in place that is reinforced by the executive and organizational culture is a foundational key to tackle even the most challenging obstacles. This interactive classroom course will take the skills/lessons learned and experienced in the In the Footsteps of Leaders executive program and apply them to the real-world problems facing federal leaders. Whether it is the changing landscape of program priorities, new budgetary realities, technology or personnel issues, a flexible and educated game plan is vital to your organizational and personal success.

Exercise 3 - Winning the Race: Capitalizing On Your Success Through Social Media
Instructor: Crystal Chisholm, Crayne Career Solutions, LLC
It’s not about who you know, but rather who knows you. Learn what your social media presence says about you and how to create your leadership brand. This course will give you the dos and don’ts of social media and demonstrate how to use LinkedIn to elevate your personal brand and influence your career.

Exercise 4 - Strengthen Your Core: Communicating for Success
Instructor: Vanessa Phipps, Future Force Group, LLC
This session focuses on offering a pragmatic approach to understanding yourself and others, including practical explanations of what you need to know to relate effectively to others. The program does this through promoting understanding of the behaviors (as opposed to the personalities) that are indicators of communication and work styles and how those behaviors impact the way people: establish rapport, are able to be persuasive, effectively convey intended messages and essential information

Participants will take a very brief style inventory that reveals their dominant communication/work style, and the two dimensional behaviors that – even without knowing a person’s style – are helpful in predicting how they will behave.

The final interactive exercise demonstrates how leaders can flex their styles to support relationships with their teams and stakeholders that engender trust, encourage constructive conflict, promote commitment, and produce results.