EEOC Executive Leadership Conference

For many years, the EEOC Executive Leadership Development Training has empowered and motivated its attendees to be better leaders and role models in their agencies. Designed for senior leaders in the EEO, HR, and Diversity & Inclusion fields, this three-day training will ensure all attendees have the necessary leadership skills to continue to excel in their careers. The training seminar will feature speakers who are industry leaders in management, professional development and personal growth skills – all of which make-up the well-rounded leader.

Program registration is open to senior EEO professionals in federal, state and local governments, EEO executives from the private sector, and those who seek to move into senior positions. HR executives adn Diversity & Inclusion Officers who have significant responsibilities in managing and implementing an EEO program are also encouraged to attend. Registration is limited to the GS-14 and above population, and equivalents.

More information on the training will be available soon.

Who Should Attend

  • EEO Directors
  • Deputy EEO Directors
  • Chief EEO Officers
  • Deputy EEO Officers
  • Diversity & Inclusion Officers
  • EEO Officials
  • EEO Executives
  • Chief Human Capital Officers
  • HR Directors and Deputy Directors
  • HR Officers and other senior HR officials